iPad Apps

A friend of mine recently acquired an iPad and asked me about my favorite apps, so I thought I’d share my response.

Apps I keep on my dock on the bottom of the screen:

  • Chrome: I prefer the Chrome browser over the Safari browser.
  • Amazon Cloud Player: I got frustrated with the funky syncing in the iTunes cloud, switched to the Amazon Cloud, and have been an Amazon mp3 junky ever since.
  • Todoist: I have used nearly every “to do” app. I’ve been extremely happy with this one.
  • Calendar: this is the standard calendar. I’ve tried a bunch of other calendar apps, but none of them are truly fantastic.
  • GMail: I archive nearly all of my emails, and you can do that with one click in this app.  Also you can easily switch between Gmail accounts.
  • Evernote: no explanation needed.

Apps I use daily:

  • 1Password: password keeper
  • Feedly: for reading/processing all of my RSS feeds
  • Pocket: for reading everything website/blog-wise I’ve saved for later
  • GoodReader: for reading and marking up articles.
  • Facebook

Apps I use frequently:


  • Penultimate: you can write in the Penultimate notebooks and it will automatically turn your notebook into an Evernote note. Awesome for more relaxed note taking.
  • Focus@will: music that helps you focus. It really works for me.


  • Google Drive
  • Progressive Alarm Clock: for those times when I need to get up early, this app does it in nice way.
  • Merriam Webster dictionary
  • IMDB
  • Tripit


  • Songza: curated playlists that are based on time and what you’re up to.
  • Pocketcasts: for podcasts; the interface is much nicer than the native app.
  • Pandora


  • Netflix
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • NYT Crosswords
  • Wreck this App

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