Research Interest

interactionResearch Interest

I am interested in collaborative learning facilitated by computer-mediated communication (CMC) in post-secondary education. My research focuses on pedagogy and technology that support interpersonal and group processes in synchronous and asynchronous online courses.


Current Research

The purpose of my current study is to build on the literature on asynchronous discussion to explore a specific pedagogical measure, a group summarization activity, as a way to achieve consistent levels of knowledge construction during asynchronous discussion. Using a framework built on social interdependence theory and social information processing theory, this study will use an experimental design involving nine conditions to answer seven research questions to explore how the constructs of synchrony and scripting affect student perceptions of social interdependence and the learning outcomes of a computer-supported learning activity. Specifically, this study used a graduate level nursing course to identify how synchrony and summarization in small group discussions affects students’ performance on course learning outcomes. Specifically, this study recruited students from a midwestern university for a 3 (group synchronicity: synchronous group, asynchronous group, asynchronous individual) X 3 (summary: scripted summary, unscripted summary, no summary) factorial design.

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