iPad Apps: Revisited

Six years ago, I posted my iPad app preferences and a lot has changed since then, but some interesting things have stayed the same. So here’s a fresh look at what I’m using.

Still Using:

  • Todoist: I have used nearly every “to do” app, and I when a new app comes out or an old app revamps, I try it out. I keep coming back to Todoist.  You can be as complicated or as simple as you want when using it.  I particularly appreciate the ability to keep my work and personal responsibilities separate but in the same environment.  I’ve been using this app for at least 6 years and I don’t see myself changing out an.
  • Evernote: I have to use OneNote for work (company policy doesn’t allow for Evernote).  For all other stuff, I use Evernote.  It’s easy to add any kind of content into it AND it’s just as easy to find stuff in it.  I wish I could say the same for OneNote. I’ve been Evernoting since 2009 and it continues to be my hands down favorite for collecting information and thoughts.
  • Feedly: it’s a user-friendly way for me to keep up with my favorite blogs and websites.  Each day I skim through the posts and bookmark anything I want to come back to for in-depth reading later.

Apps Swaps:

  • From 1Password to LastPass: I was having trouble with 1Password across platforms, so I shifted to LastPass.
  • From Chrome to Safari: Apple improved Safari for the iPad at the same time Chrome was getting a little flaky, so I switched over.
  • From Amazon Music to Spotify: Family sharing and easier playlist creation and sharing are the big reasons for the move.

Apps I use frequently:



  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • MealBoard: This app allows you to import recipes and then automagically creates shopping lists based on the menu you’ve created.  It’s saved me a ton of time in meal planning.
  • Merriam Webster dictionary
  • IMDB: because I can’t possibly watch anything without then looking up every bit of background information about it.
  • Clock: I use the alarm in the clock to stop playing music as a way to notify to take a break during a long work block.



  • Calm: I’ve tried most of the meditation apps.  This one rocks for variety of meditations available (a new one every day plus meditation series), sleep stories, and breathing guidance.
  • Pocket Yoga Teacher

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