This Week’s Productivity Experiment: No Meeting Wednesday Morning

Productivity2I recently read Mark Arnoldy’s “This Is How I Work” on Lifehacker.  He had a lot of great tips, but the one that really inspired me was how he and his team have “No Meeting Wednesdays”.  They have no internal or external meetings on Wednesday so they can have dedicated time to work on complex tasks that require focused thinking.  I love this idea, because I feel like I really miss out on quality “work product” time during the work day.  I often find it waiting for me at the end of the day when my mind isn’t fresh.  While I don’t think it’s realistic for me to dedicate a whole day to “no meetings”, I’m going to experiment with blocking off my Wednesday mornings.

UPDATE: So I’ve done two “Work-product Wednesdays”. The first one did not go particularly well, because I did not plan out my time. Without clear priorities, my blocked off time quickly turned into some phone calls and I checked off very few items from my to-do list. The second attempt was much more in line with my intent. At the end of the day Tuesday, I planned out my Work-product Wednesday time and scheduled out my to-dos. I got much more accomplished. I like the timing of Wednesday morning, because I haven’t let the week get away from me and mornings are my best focus and energy times. I’ve continued to keep this block and plan to complete my bigger projects at this time.

VERDICT: Effective technique

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