Academic Reading: Keeping my Academic Reading List in Evernote

I spend a lot of time in Google Scholar hunting down journal articles, and I often run across stuff that I’d like to read in the future.  This is my system of keeping track of my reading list so that I can access in ways that are meaningful and quick.

Technology needed:

  • Evernote account (you can do the free version, but I prefer the premium version so I can search within pdfs)
  • KustomNote account (allows you to create templates for Evernote notes)

You can use my KustomNote public template for creating “To Read” notes in Evernote.


Note: you may want to change the title of the Notebook.  I put all journal articles (annotated or not) and reading notes into a single notebook called “EDUCATION-READING”.  I found that having a single notebook for literature helps me find specific information more quickly.

The template will automatically apply a “TO READ” tag to the note, which makes it easy to search for articles you want to read, but haven’t yet.

Here’s an example of the template in action.  Here, I’ve added the information into the KustomNote template.  I usually snag the citation information from Google Scholar.  It isn’t always accurate but I don’t worry about that at this stage.  I pull my real citations from Mendeley, not Evernote.


Once I create the note, it looks like this in Evernote:


When I have time to do reading, I can easily pull up unread articles by searching for anything with the “TO READ” tag.  Also I see whether I have a pdf version in Dropbox.

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