BK Site Design Version 4

I ended up changing around my sections 3 and 4 again.  I flipped their order and adjusted the content that they will contain.  After becoming frustrated with my inability to make the css of my WordPress site do what I wanted it to do, I switched my site over to Weebly.  The super-easy user interface has allowed me to focus more on the presentation of the content than trying to learn css.  I was able to play around with the layout of things more easily which led me to the adjustment of sections 3 and 4. I’m vacillating over my home page.  I don’t really want much text on that page, but a single image doesn’t seem to really express any message.  I’m thinking about incorporating a small amount of text to the image or creating a media piece for the home page.  I don’t want my overview page (about the site) as the home page, because it doesn’t have any sizzle.  I do think the overview page includes important information to orient the user to the site.  The home page should engage the viewer, which is why I’m looking for a more effective way to visually present it.

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