BK Site Design: Version 2

This link is the my second version of the site design.  I worked through my site introduction thoughts.  In my social networking plan I wanted to model the steps to build a learning community, so I added those components into my site design.  I selected a Spruze social networking platform to house my social/communication components and set up that site.  I chose a private social network, because I wanted the learners to feel that they were in a safe environment so they could build trust more quickly.  In setting up that site, I made the forums and membership the focal points, because those will be the first tools with which the learners will need to engage.  I’m not happy with the difference in look and feel between my BK site and the Spruze site, so I intend to work on the look and feel until they are closely aligned.

My biggest open point on my site design is the “experience sharing” and “small group work” areas of the site.  I haven’t quite formulated a way to make those sessions make sense to the learning cohort who will be using the site as well as anyone who happens onto the site.  These are two very different audiences, and I’m still working on cracking the nut of how to make those sections meaningful to both audiences.


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